Got a question about our ice cream pint subscription service?


1. How does the subscription work?
We're Singapore's first ice cream pint subscription service. When you sign up, each month you get 2 hand-made pints of ice cream delivered to you, on the Tuesday and Thursday of the week followin the 20th each month. All our ice creams are freshly made from scratch using carefully curated ingredients. Each month, our goal is to surprise you with unique flavours you have never tried before - we come up with a new flavour each month!

We will automatically bill you every month, 3 months, 6 months, or yearly depending on the subscription level you choose. All you need to do is sign up once.
2. What if I don't like the flavour?
Our ice cream subscription service is a membership for ice cream enthusiasts. While coming up with new flavours, we do our very best to make sure that the flavours are (mostly) unversally appealing. Beyond that, we are unable to cater to specific likes and dislikes. Please contact us if you have any specific allergies and we will defer your ice cream delivery to the next month. 1 week before your scheduled delivery, we will notify you by e-mail on the flavour of the month, so you will be able to plan accordingly.
3. How do I cancel my subscription?
Please e-mail us at with your registered e-mail address, name, and last 4 digits on your credit card (to verify your account) and we will cancel your subscription immediately. Your subscription will not be renewed, however will continue until the end of your subscription duration (eg. if you signed up for a 3-month plan and cancel in the 2nd month, the last delivery will take place on the 3rd month).
4. How do I buy a subscription as a gift?
When you sign up for a subscription, fill in the recipient's details under Shipping Address.
5. Can I select my own flavours?
All members receive 2 pints of the same flavour every month. You are not allowed to choose your flavours. Our pint subscription service is for ice cream enthusiasts who enjoy trying never-seen-before flavours and look forward to a monthly surprise!
6. How do I make payment?
Payment is made by either credit card or debit card upon signing up for the subscription service. Your credit card/debit card will then be automatically billed when the duration of your subscription has elapsed. You will receive an e-mail notification when your subscription term is approaching its end and you may cancel your subscription should you wish to (...unlikely).

Ice Cream

1. What flavour ice cream do I get?
It's a surprise! Our subscription is for ice cream enthusiasts who want a unique ice cream experience. Our goal is to create innovative and experimental flavours you've never tried before - and to push the boundaries on whats possible in an ice cream.
2. What quantity of ice cream do I get?
Each month, we'll deliver 2 pints (473ml x 2 pints). Each pint is good for around 5-6 scoops.
3. Where is your ice cream from?
Our ice cream is freshly made in a fully licensed ice cream facility, right here in Singapore. Each pint of ice cream is painstakingly made in small batches, using carefully curated ingredients, and hand-packed just for you within days of receiving your order. You are guaranteed to always get the freshest pint of ice cream on the island!
4. Are you Halal Certified?
We are currently not Halal ceritified, however our company is in the process of obtaining Halal certificates for certain flavours. We do not use pork or lard in any of our products.
5. Do your ice creams contain nuts?
Our ice creams are made using equipment that processes nuts. While the flavour may not contain nuts, there may be traces of nuts. We advise against consuming our products if you have severe nut allergies.
6. What's so good about your ice cream?
Glad you asked! First, we produce unique flavours that you simply can't get elsewhere (think Mango Sticky Rice, French Toast, Olive Oil), using seasonal, hand-picked ingredients. We use fresh milk (not powder or UHT milk like many mass producers), and real ingredients - never any artificial flavours or colourings. Next, we produce all our ice creams from scratch in small batches and carefully hand pack them individually. This means every mix-in is layered in one at a time. Commercial ice creams have around 50% air content in them (1L of ice cream could only weigh 500gr), but ours is dense, creamy, and full on flavour with just 10-15% air content. And we hand deliver straight to your door, every month!


1. How do I know when my ice cream will be delivered?
All our deliveries are made on the Tuesday and Thursday of the month following the 20th of that month. When you sign up, you can choose on your preferred day and timeslot (2-6PM or 6-10PM). You will receive a reminder e-mail before your delivery. To change your preferred delivery weekday or time slot, just drop us an e-mail at and we'll update your preference!
2. What if I am out of the country?
You may defer your delivery for one month by notifying us at least 7 days prior to the delivery date for the month. Please notify us by e-mailing, indicating which month you would like to defer.
3. How do I change my delivery details?
Please e-mail us at to advise of any changes to your delivery address, requested delivery weekday or time slot.
4. No one was home at the time. Can you redeliver?
A $15 redelivery will apply if no one is present to receive the order at your selected delivery day and time.
5. Can you deliver at a specific time?
Unfortunately, we are unable to deliver at a specific time beyond the provided 4-hour time windows of 2-6PM or 6-10PM. Should you require a specific time, you may wish to contact us to arrange a pick-up from our central kitchen, Mon-Fri 10:00AM - 5PM.