Fresh. Tart. Deliciously creamy. That's what we had in mind when creating our January 2017 flavour, Strawberry Creamsicle: tangy strawberry sorbet, layered with gorgeous vanilla bean ice cream.

We first heard of combining sorbet with ice cream a few years ago when reading about Pierre Herme's fantastic frozen creations. Only available in summer, Herme mixes zesty, fruity sorbets with earthy, luscious ice creams to create frozen confections that tantalise and invigorate the senses. The genius is in the balance - creamy, milky softness of ice cream is tempered by sharp sorbet, bursting with fruitiness.

A little known fact is, a well made sorbet should be as smooth and luscious in texture as an ice cream. There should be no discernable ice crystals (despite the fact that fruit sorbet has no milk or fat content to lend creaminess). We pride ourselves on making such sorbets. Our customers often can't believe they're dairy-free - and upon tasting them, one pastry chef at a luxury hotel here in Singapore once exclaimed that they brought her right back to culinary school, to fond memories of super-smooth, artisanal sorbets.

We hope our new take on the classic English summertime dessert, strawberries and cream, will bring a smile to all our subscribers' faces.

Strawberry Creamsicle, Pint Society (January 2017)

Strawberry Creamsicle, Pint Society (January 2017)

The secret perks of joining Pint Society

When you become a Pint Society subscriber, not only do you get unique ice cream creations delivered to you each month - you're also privy to other perks (like discounts, freebies or limited edition specials) offered by partner brands. We partner with like-minded companies including local creatives & designers, food companies and fashion brands.

So what are you waiting for? Subscribe, and get ice cream - with a whole lotta perks.

Six Months Later

Hello March! It's Pint Society's 6th month - time has totally flown, and our band of ice cream lovers has certainly grown. 

We love seeing how you guys enjoy your ice cream. Here's some of our faves:

Top (L-R): @ncwong's gorgeous afternoon tea; @rachelxie having hers on a cone; @awfoo and our Christmas special.

Bottom (L-R): @aarikalee doing it right, straight from the pint; @carriek_rocks' pooch waiting for his turn; a pastel pint flatlay from @herworldsingapore.


The Pint Society - Staying true to our DNA

The Pint Society is a project that we've been meaning to launch for years now, and today is a proud moment, because it's finally happened!

When we started Pint Society's parent company, The Ice Cream & Cookie Co in 2012, coming up with new ice cream flavours and getting them out to our fans was easy because we served such a small retail customer base. But as the business grew away from retail and into a medium sized wholesale business serving cafes, restaurants, and hotels, launching new and interesting flavours became more and more challenging - we had to think about finding sustainable suppliers, storage space for ingredients, packaging, transportation, shelf life, and a whole bunch of other logistical issues resulting from the fact that we were running a wholesale business. In fact, coming up with new flavours was the easy part. The logistical aspects were and are innovation's main enemy.

We're so excited about Pint Society because it allows us to stay true to our DNA and vision of getting really wild, innovative flavours out to the world without having to think too hard about the complexity of having it on offer for a sustained period of time. The "once-off" nature of our ice cream pint flavours mean we get to source an obscure ingredient that we get from a farm while on holiday, or not worry about whether it will last for a year (as a wholesale customer might). It lets us finally work on all those flavours thats been gathering dust in our notebooks.

We're excited to have you join us on our journey of what we hope will be an ice cream revolution, proudly born in Singapore, but hopefully destined for far and greater shores.