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Prep & the Giant Peach

This April, we're bringing you a very special PS Collaboration - a flavour dreamt up by Jacqueline Chang, co-founder of blow dry bar & salon, Prep Luxe. Together with two friends, Jacqueline started the unique salon in 2013 and epitomises many values we applaud in our collaboration partners: authenticity, positivity and warmth, and proudly local.

Prep & the Giant Peach

Inspired by the strong women of her grandmother's era, Jacqueline wanted to create a fruity, floral flavour. The result: Prep & the Giant Peach, a white peach sorbet with a hint of rose, topped with a hand-baked pink rose meringue.

We sat down with Jacqueline to talk about how Prep Luxe's style and her own experience influenced the creation of her fruity flavour.

Click to watch  April's flavour come to life!

Click to watch April's flavour come to life!

It's a Cracker!

This month's flavour is refined, luxurious and a little decadent - a change from the tangy, fruity flavours we've enjoyed recently.

We call it The Nutcracker, a homage to Tchaikovsky's ballet: pure pistachio gelato, punctuated with shards of raspberry-infused dark chocolate. 

Pistachio and dark chocolate is a classic pairing. Many of our Pint Society subscribers have requested this flavour profile, and we totally get it; the sweet nuttiness of roasted pistachios and the rich bitterness of dark chocolate are quite the perfect match.

We think the best couples are those that can be kind of nutty together...

We think the best couples are those that can be kind of nutty together...

Chocolate Ice Magic - sometimes known as chocolate shell - is a wonderful, sweet chocolate sauce that hardens in contact with ice cream. An old-school, almost forgotten ice cream topping, it's what inspired our chocolate shards.

We gave this childhood favourite a grown up update by using dark couverture chocolate (73%) infused with freeze-dried raspberries,


Adding a touch of raspberry really elevates this timeless combination, as it gives a playful tartness that cuts through the mellow flavours. 

The best thing about our raspberry chocolate shards? They melt at a much lower temperature than solid chocolate, or chocolate chips. While chocolate chips are a perennially popular mix-in, they're really just for texture and visual effect; chips harden like rocks and become tasteless when frozen.

In contrast, our frozen chocolate sauce is liquid at room temperature -
which means when you eat it, it melts on the warmth of your tongue, exploding with flavour.

We think this creation is something even the Sugar Plum Fairy would be proud of! 

Click to watch  The Nutcracker's launch video

Click to watch The Nutcracker's launch video

Why isn't our Pistachio bright green?

When you look at our pistachio gelato in our March flavour, The Nutcracker, you'll notice it's a pastel brown with a very subtle tint of green.

Why isn't it a lurid green hue? Because we only use 100% real pistachio nut paste - no additives or colourings. Real pistachio nuts are not uniformly acid green. And when they're mixed with milk and cream to make gelato, the colour becomes even more subdued.

Peeled pistachio nuts

Peeled pistachio nuts

Most gelato makers will use some kind of pistachio paste to make their product. Generally, gelaterias do not make their own nut pastes, because to grind nuts into a fine enough texture to be used in gelato (we're talking microns here, not just millimetres) requires heavy industrial processing equipment. 

So, gelato shops and manufacturers are generally limited to the types of paste available. The most common is a mix of pistachio, almond and chlorophyll (or other green food colouring). This is the colour and taste that most consumers are used to as the vast majority (probably upwards of 85%) of pistachio ice cream and gelato is made from this kind of product. Unfortunately, having been diluted with other nuts and colouring, the taste is the least authentic.

Pistachio Gelato.png

Then you have pure pistachio paste. This costs anywhere from double to five times as much as the first variety mentioned. Common places of origin include Iran, California and Italy - Sicilian pistachios are traditionally considered the most premium. Depending on the farming, roasting and processing, the nuts will yield different flavours.

We use a high quality variety from sunny California with a robust, nutty and sweet flavour, without any added colours, flavours or stray nut varieties. To quote award-winning food writer & entrepreneur David Leite: "Accept no less than khaki-colored gelato. Yes, khaki-colored. Those tubs of nuclear-green mounds whispering your name each summer are imposters. They’re artificially colored and too often laced with almond extract, kind of like inexpensive performance-enhancing drugs for the dairy set."

Pint Society x Woo Wai Leong

Our February flavour was created by none other than Woo Wai Leong, winner of Masterchef Asia. For our first collaboration with a chef, we chose Woo not only for his culinary prowess, but also his warmth, and hearty enthusiasm for all things food.

The talented lawyer turned chef & bartender wanted to create an unusual combination for his Pint Society flavour. "It's challenging," he says, "Because it's a swirl, you're going to get a contrast of flavours...but because of the creaminess of the texture, you don't know where it starts and where it ends." 

The result: Marbled Monochrome. Layers of nutty black sesame are swirled with tangy yoghurt gelato, which Woo shows us how to serve like a pro by using the technique of quenelle-ing. He shares his tips and tricks in our video below.


We rounded out 2016 with a comforting flavour, Apple Pie, and we're opening 2017 with a summertime-fresh one - evoking sparkling new memories and the promise of times to come. January's flavour, Strawberry Creamsicle, is a sunny combination of both sharp and soft: tangy strawberry sorbet swirled with vanilla bean ice cream.

Next week, these scrumptious pints go out to our subscribers! Stay tuned to watch the behind the scenes process of how this flavour is made. 

In the meantime - here's a peek at our most recent flavour, Apple Pie. We recreated this heartwarming classic with cinnamon spiced apple pie filling and shortcrust pastry, mixed into a creamy, vanilla bean base.

There's just something about beautiful cinnamon - so warming that makes you feel snug, even in ice-cold ice cream. 

We hope our subscribers loved Apple Pie as much as we did, and we can't wait to hear all of your thoughts on Strawberry Creamsicle very soon!

Click to watch Apple Pie's behind the scenes video.

Click to watch Apple Pie's behind the scenes video.


Fresh. Tart. Deliciously creamy. That's what we had in mind when creating our January 2017 flavour, Strawberry Creamsicle: tangy strawberry sorbet, layered with gorgeous vanilla bean ice cream.

We first heard of combining sorbet with ice cream a few years ago when reading about Pierre Herme's fantastic frozen creations. Only available in summer, Herme mixes zesty, fruity sorbets with earthy, luscious ice creams to create frozen confections that tantalise and invigorate the senses. The genius is in the balance - creamy, milky softness of ice cream is tempered by sharp sorbet, bursting with fruitiness.

A little known fact is, a well made sorbet should be as smooth and luscious in texture as an ice cream. There should be no discernable ice crystals (despite the fact that fruit sorbet has no milk or fat content to lend creaminess). We pride ourselves on making such sorbets. Our customers often can't believe they're dairy-free - and upon tasting them, one pastry chef at a luxury hotel here in Singapore once exclaimed that they brought her right back to culinary school, to fond memories of super-smooth, artisanal sorbets.

We hope our new take on the classic English summertime dessert, strawberries and cream, will bring a smile to all our subscribers' faces.

Strawberry Creamsicle, Pint Society (January 2017)

Strawberry Creamsicle, Pint Society (January 2017)

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Six Months Later

Hello March! It's Pint Society's 6th month - time has totally flown, and our band of ice cream lovers has certainly grown. 

We love seeing how you guys enjoy your ice cream. Here's some of our faves:

Top (L-R): @ncwong's gorgeous afternoon tea; @rachelxie having hers on a cone; @awfoo and our Christmas special.

Bottom (L-R): @aarikalee doing it right, straight from the pint; @carriek_rocks' pooch waiting for his turn; a pastel pint flatlay from @herworldsingapore.