Chocolate shell

It's a Cracker!

This month's flavour is refined, luxurious and a little decadent - a change from the tangy, fruity flavours we've enjoyed recently.

We call it The Nutcracker, a homage to Tchaikovsky's ballet: pure pistachio gelato, punctuated with shards of raspberry-infused dark chocolate. 

Pistachio and dark chocolate is a classic pairing. Many of our Pint Society subscribers have requested this flavour profile, and we totally get it; the sweet nuttiness of roasted pistachios and the rich bitterness of dark chocolate are quite the perfect match.

We think the best couples are those that can be kind of nutty together...

We think the best couples are those that can be kind of nutty together...

Chocolate Ice Magic - sometimes known as chocolate shell - is a wonderful, sweet chocolate sauce that hardens in contact with ice cream. An old-school, almost forgotten ice cream topping, it's what inspired our chocolate shards.

We gave this childhood favourite a grown up update by using dark couverture chocolate (73%) infused with freeze-dried raspberries,


Adding a touch of raspberry really elevates this timeless combination, as it gives a playful tartness that cuts through the mellow flavours. 

The best thing about our raspberry chocolate shards? They melt at a much lower temperature than solid chocolate, or chocolate chips. While chocolate chips are a perennially popular mix-in, they're really just for texture and visual effect; chips harden like rocks and become tasteless when frozen.

In contrast, our frozen chocolate sauce is liquid at room temperature -
which means when you eat it, it melts on the warmth of your tongue, exploding with flavour.

We think this creation is something even the Sugar Plum Fairy would be proud of! 

Click to watch  The Nutcracker's launch video

Click to watch The Nutcracker's launch video