Pleased As Peaches


April is coming to a close, and we're saying farewell to our flavour of the month, created by Prep Luxe.

We first got to know one of Prep Luxe's owners, Jacqueline. Starting as a blow dry bar, they've since evolved to offering full suites of services for hair and make-up.

Images from  Prep Luxe

Images from Prep Luxe

Behind the salon's stunning facade are roots that stem heartwarmingly from the owners' childhoods. Jacqueline tells us, "When we started Prep, we were inspired by a forgotten era - our grandmothers' era, where women would always get their hair immaculately groomed and well-set before they even left the house. In that era there was no such thing as leaving the house without your hair being done properly."


That was also the inspiration behind our collaborative flavour, Prep & The Giant Peach. Jacqueline placed an emphasis on the fragrances she remembers her grandmothers using - as she puts it, "75% of emotion is tied with smell. When we thought of our grandmothers' era, we thought of the fragrances that reminded us of them - and it was things like the smell of peach, of rose. That's perhaps linked to the floral and fruity scents they used during their time."


And thus, Prep & The Giant Peach was born: white peach sorbet, with a hint of rose, topped with a delicate, crisp, meringue rose.

Jacqueline also wanted to bring back many of the understated values from this elusive forgotten era. "The concept of out-giving - now we're always about taking, but they have so much in them that's about giving more than they can ever get back. It's not just about being resilient, but about being anti-fragile when they faced different challenges [in life]. It's about living a life larger than yourself, and that's a very beautiful thing."

If you haven't -  click to watch  the video for Prep & The Giant Peach.

If you haven't - click to watch the video for Prep & The Giant Peach.