The Pint Society - Staying true to our DNA

The Pint Society is a project that we've been meaning to launch for years now, and today is a proud moment, because it's finally happened!

When we started Pint Society's parent company, The Ice Cream & Cookie Co in 2012, coming up with new ice cream flavours and getting them out to our fans was easy because we served such a small retail customer base. But as the business grew away from retail and into a medium sized wholesale business serving cafes, restaurants, and hotels, launching new and interesting flavours became more and more challenging - we had to think about finding sustainable suppliers, storage space for ingredients, packaging, transportation, shelf life, and a whole bunch of other logistical issues resulting from the fact that we were running a wholesale business. In fact, coming up with new flavours was the easy part. The logistical aspects were and are innovation's main enemy.

We're so excited about Pint Society because it allows us to stay true to our DNA and vision of getting really wild, innovative flavours out to the world without having to think too hard about the complexity of having it on offer for a sustained period of time. The "once-off" nature of our ice cream pint flavours mean we get to source an obscure ingredient that we get from a farm while on holiday, or not worry about whether it will last for a year (as a wholesale customer might). It lets us finally work on all those flavours thats been gathering dust in our notebooks.

We're excited to have you join us on our journey of what we hope will be an ice cream revolution, proudly born in Singapore, but hopefully destined for far and greater shores.