A freshly churned surprise each and every month.

The Pint Society started out as Singapore's first ice cream subscription service. Each month, subscribers would receive a brand new surprise flavour of ice cream or gelato.

As of August 2016, Pint Society became part of The Ice Cream & Cookie Co. family. This means instead of a subscription, customers may order the flavour of the month directly through www.icecreamcookieco.com

Pint Society flavours are still brand new each month (we never repeat flavours), and are available for one month only. 

How it works

1. Click here to order the Pint Society flavour of the month. 

2. Orders close on the 15th of each month, and will be delivered the following week onwards. You can select your delivery date upon checkout.

FOR enthusiasts

Love ice cream and trying new things? The Pint Society is for you! Our flavours are carefully crafted by our ice cream chefs who dream big! You'll get innovative flavours sure to inspire and surprise you each month. 

great value

One set of 2 x 473ml pints is $28 (inclusive of GST), which is about 10-12 scoops. Our pricing rivals premium mass-market or supermarket brands, but you can be assured of superior quality due to our small-batch, artisanal production process.


Orders are open until the 15th of each month, and you can select your delivery date & time for the following week onwards.

the perfect gift

Stuck on finding a present? Brighten someone's day with a Pint Society gift. Fun, unique and memorable, it's the ideal gift for anyone who loves ice cream. Which is everyone.

Pint Society is brought to you by the good folks at The Ice Cream & Cookie Co.