A freshly churned surprise each and every month.

The Pint Society is Singapore's first ice cream home subscription service. Each month, we deliver 2 completely new, hand-crafted pints of ice cream to you in the most delicious and unique flavours our minds can imagine. All our ice cream is made from scratch using the best ingredients we can get our hands on.

Subscriptions close at 6pm on the 20th each month, and are delivered on the Tuesday & Thursday of the week following the 20th. (If the 20th falls on the last week of the month, the deliveries will also fall on same week.)

You're not alone - take the #pintpledge and discover other members of the happiest society on earth who eat their ice cream straight from the pint too.

How it works

1. Sign up for your subscription here. Tell us when and where to deliver. 

2. Each month we'll deliver 2 pints of a brand new ice cream flavour straight to you!

FOR enthusiasts

Love ice cream and trying new things? The Pint Society is for you! Our flavours are carefully crafted by our ice cream chefs who dream big! You'll get innovative flavours sure to inspire and surprise you each month. 


Plans start at just $38/mo for 2 pints and go to $29/mo (for yearly subscriptions). That's $14.50 for 2 truly unique pints of ice cream, less than most premium ice creams you see in the supermarket aisles. What's more - delivery is F-R-E-E!


After signing up, you won't need to lift a finger! We'll come up with unique flavours each month and deliver straight to you. With our recurring billing, you won't need to re-enter your details (and you can cancel anytime!)

the perfect gift

Stuck on finding a present? Brighten someone's day (or year!) with a Pint Society subscription. Fun, unique and memorable, it's the ideal gift for anyone who loves ice cream. Which is everyone.

Pint Society is brought to you by the good folks at The Ice Cream & Cookie Co.